Spring 2008

Fit in the City

INWheeling Magazine Spring 08 Cover

Ten of Wheeling's Best Looking Men

The results of reading nominations

Tips from the Tip-Top

Top local athletes talk one-on-one about working out, dieting and every day life

Paul Bissonnette

Gyms and Spas

Guide to looking and feeling better this year

Wheeling Spring 08

Style guide

Appearance Matters

How landscape improvements will enhance both the appearance and return on your home.

Gordon House 2

Spring Butterflies

These delicate winged fancies welcome spring with the splendorous colors


Centrally Located Solutitude

A charming cottage provides a moment of solace right in the middle of Steenrod

Ext 1

Culinary Arts

The esteemed WVNCC Culinary Arts program opens its doors and offers haute cuisine to the publice


Society Events